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We have been inspecting houses for more than 24 years while providing extensive reports. Our inspectors comprehensive inspections start with a knowledgeable, insured inspector who will check the home's plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof and other major parts and systems to expose any potential issues. We stay current on our practices and we operate with the latest tools for your interest. It's important to us that you get all the information you need about your potential home's condition in , . On the same day your professional home inspector from Pillar To Post conducts the inspection, you'll get the detailed report on the house and the other components we examined.

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Our main goal is to provide every home buyer in , , a complete home inspection with a comprehensive report so that you can make an educated buying decision for your potential home. We have over 24 years of experience in the home inspection industry. You can rely on our professional inspectors when they check out the house you're interested in buying. Our expert home inspectors use the most current methods and cutting-edge tools at the site. On the day of your inspection, you'll get a full report on the home's condition. Make a certain decision about buying a home with an expert home inspection.

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Pillar To Post has been conducting healthy home inspections for more than 24 years while providing all-inclusive reports. Our inspectors thorough inspections start with a qualified, insured inspector who will check the home's plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof and other major parts and systems to expose any possible problems. We stay up-to-date on our training and we work with the most advanced tech all for you. It's essential to us that you obtain all the data you need about your future home's condition in your area. On the day your expert home inspector does the inspection, you'll receive the detailed report on the home and the other aspects we checked.

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Your Home Insurance Policy Always Working For You

Every year, more cars and drivers travel the highways. This can lead to a higher possibility of a collision. Car insurance can make the difference between a small inconvenience and a large hassle. How can you decide what insurance you require and where you should go to buy it? Auto insurance protects you by covering the cost of injury or damage you cause others while driving your car, damage to your car or injury to you or your passengers from a crash, plus certain other incidents, such as robbery. Without insurance, you run the risk of having to pay the total price of any harm you cause others. Liability: Bodily injury and property damage that you are responsible for will be paid for under this type of insurance. Bodily injury damages include medical expenses, and lost wages. Property damage can refer to damaged property or loss of property use. It can also cover your defense and court costs if you are sued. State laws usually require standard amounts, but higher amounts can be purchased and are extremely helpful. Personal Injury Protection: This type of insurance pays for all medical treatment for you or other people in your car, no matter who was responsible for the accident. It is commonly referred to as no-fault coverage. State law usually sets minimum amounts. Medical Payments: Medical payment coverage can be purchased in states that are not considered no-fault; it pays despite who carries responsibility for a crash. All necessary medical or funeral expenses will be covered under this insurance policy. Collision: Pays for damages to your car caused by a collision. Comprehensive: This kind of insurance protection takes care of any damages not caused by a collision. This may include weather damage, vandalism, and robbery. Uninsured Motorist: If you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, this type of insurance will make sure you are covered. Under-Insured Motorist: Similar to uninsured coverage, this kind of insurance covers you from drivers without enough insurance coverage. Other types of coverage, including emergency road service, are also available. State Farm Agent Clermont


Water & Flood in Your Home

We use water in our homes so frequently that we hardly even consider its massive role in our lives. Our quality of life is dependent on being able to cook, shower, wash our dishes, and water our yards and gardens. If flood damage happens in the home, water can go from helping us to hurting us in an instant. From leaky roofs and busted appliances to cresting rivers and natural disasters, flood damage can occur for many different reasons. Depending on what caused the issue, flood damage can vary from being a small problem located in one room to a massive flood-damage disaster in your entire house. Regardless of what the problem happens to be, you must get in touch with a reliable restoration company like Paul Davis Restoration to handle cleanup for you. Let us tell you a little bit about how we can help you with flood restoration services Lansing MI.

Your Water Damage Cleanup Specialists

The mission of Paul Davis Restoration is to help restore your home as quickly as possible with our professional flood cleanup services. This includes water extraction of damaged property, contents cleaning, mold removal, repairs, assistance with insurance claims, and drying out affected areas. Our flood damage experts how to provide all of these services in a timely matter without forgetting quality of care.

Why is Paul Davis the best place to call for help with flood damage? We have over 45 years of experience with flood damage cleanup and restoration and have helped restore over 2 million homes nationwide. Our trained teams are able to quickly treat problems with the latest tools available. No matter where you live in the United States, there is a Paul Davis location in your area. Find your city's franchise today so you know exactly who to contact if you're ever hit with the need for flood damage restoration.


Do Your Roof Repairs The Right Way

A roof is constantly exposed to the elements. If your roof isn't taken care of, molds, mildew and debris can result in structural damage and costly repairs. It is important you have the right tools to take care of your roof. First you will need a utility knife. They can be used to cut drywall, trim asphalt roof shingles, and slice through fiberglass insulation. They are quite safe to use since . Besides a utility knife make sure you buy a roofing hammer with a straight claw. Invest in a circular saw to cut singles or panels. This electrically-powered tool can cut roof panels and plywood sheathing into various different sizes. Roofing nail guns are very efficient tools for hammering nails in. Compressed air is used to force the nails from the loaded gun. roof replacement billings mt


Monitoring your home's water flow

Protect your house from possible flooding hazards by buying one of our innovative water sensors. Our system, which can be installed as an active part of your home's plumbing, will stop your water flow if it takes an unexpected shift. flooding in the home can strike at any time and can cost you thousands of dollars. By using your water cut-off valve, you will always have the advantage over potential flooding. water damage restoration service Parsippany NJ